Pastoral Letters

Way back in the summer of 2008, I started a practice which I had hoped would happen every year: writing a pastoral letter to the people of the parish, on various aspects of Catholic Christian life and practice. My first was on the profound sacrament of the Eucharist. A year later, I wrote to the young people of the parish, encouraging them to stay close to the Lord Jesus and avoid behaviors which lead to nothing but heartache.

Well, the cost of mailing these letters, especially as we were cutting here and there to climb out of our fiscal problems, prohibited me from writing another Pastoral Letter— until now! It finally dawned on me that these letters could be posted on the parish website, so that at lease most of our people could gain access to them! Therefore, we now have a special page on the website which will give access to my letters to you, the shepherd writing to the flock.

These will be different from the Pastor’s Blogs on Facebook, and even my weekly letter in the bulletin. They will, I hope offer deeper opportunity for reflection and a bit of instruction, to help all grow in the Faith.